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5 Creative Questions with… Martin Ramos

Martin Ramos is a Sydney-based tattoo artist. You may find yourself walking in Hyde Park, hear a whooshing sound and see a flash of white teeth - it's Martin, he's on his skateboard, he's got a grin and is inked head to toe. Martin is a friend of mine; we both worked at tween magazines at what was back then called Pacific Magazines. He also some of the best draughtsmanship out of anyone I know. He once gifted me a drawing of his - coloured pencil and highlighter pen but smooth and precise - you know, the works: storytelling, texture, humour, anatomy.

A 2014 drawing by Martin Ramos One of his tattoos is by the living legend Whang-od - the woman who graced the cover of Vogue Philippines at age 106. It's deeply embedded into his skin, somehow deeper than I expected. I'm reminded of something actor Eugene Lee Yang has said: that tattoos are the one thing of yours that will last longer than you do.

Martin Ramos. Photo supplied.

Martin Ramos is the sixth in my series of creatives to take five questions.

When my creative process is stuck, I reach for... my shoes and go for a solo walk or swim. Treat myself to a nice meal, sit in the sun and do nothing. I try not to go home until I feel like going home. Let my thoughts flow through my head. It usually sorts itself out.

The weirdest thing about being a creative human is... talking to other creative people. Those people are weird!

The most unusual object in my house is... my wombat hand puppet.

I celebrate my achievements by... playing a video game, buying myself a bloody steak or some skate shoes!

Something in the world that already exists that I wish I had created is... nothing really I don’t really make inventions, maybe a Bitcoin; I think several of those would be helpful! In terms of art, the Rick and Morty show is super clever.

Martin Ramos tattoos at Little Tokyo, Surry Hills, Sydney.

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