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Emerging Writer Series: Claire Engkaninan Low Aniko Press, May 2024.

"My paintings are made with the precision of a concert violinist, while my writing is closer to nightmares being jolted out of my brain. Why is painting completely tidy, while writing is a chaotic surprise? I wish I knew. I just know I need both in order to live and breathe. Art is my heart, and writing is my lungs." 

In conversation with Elaine Chennatt, Claire discusses being in This Fresh Hell; the importance of spending time with other solitary weirdos; why the best funeral she ever attended still inspires her; and how her own creative processes are inexplicable. 

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Of the Publishing Persuasion Podcast: Aussie Queens Celebration Episode!!! (YouTube, Spotify) May 2024.

The Drop Bear Invasion is here! The popular podcast marks the occasion of the release of Castle of Horror Anthology Volume 11: Revenge - featuring a short story by one of the co-hosts, Melanie Schubert - by hosting two of the other Australians in the mostly-American anthology - Katya de Becerra and Claire. Topics include why humour can be an important ingredient in horror and we even get a taste of Mel's co-host Angela Montoya's "Aussie" accent. 

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One person's trash becomes a Kirribilli artist's prize work North Sydney Sun, June/July 2023. Claire tells journalist James Mullan about why North Sydney Council Clean Up is one of her favourite sources of uncommon "canvases" - and why sustainability matters to her. 

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