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AFTER I FOUND HER, Clan Destine Press, 2023 - featured
in This Fresh Hell, a horror anthology dedicated to twisting
classic horror tropes and themes. In this anthology, our fears are

interrogated, ghosts re-examined, and monsters reconfigured.

Emerging and established authors from around the world reignite

and subvert horror tropes in 19 wholly original, genre-bending stories.

THE COMPETITION, Yen magazine, 2014 – a short piece about teen girls conspiring to inflict maximum psychological and physical damage on one of their own.

     Runner up for Yen magazine’s Short Story Competition.

Praise for The Competition: “This story induced a very visceral reaction for the judging panel – mortifying yet captivating. For anyone who went to a girl’s school, has known a bully or has a healthy sense of compassion, this will boil up a lot of feelings.”

BEAUTIFUL GIRLS, ACT Write, 2009 – a short story about a woman who would do anything to protect her child.

     Shortlisted and highly commended for the Marjorie Graber-McInnis Short Story Award via the ACT Writers Centre.

Praise for Beautiful Girls: “A risky story of a protagonist who commits horrific deeds that tries to get you to understand why she does them.” – Valerie Parv, novelist and competition judge

CAT, 2010 – a short story is about a lonely teenage fast food worker who develops Stockholm syndrome one night when her workplace is robbed.

     Shortlisted and highly commended, Marjorie Graber-McInnis Short Story Prize

Praise for Cat: “This story moved between the present and past with fluency; handled a mix of tones from slight satire to realism; and had a neat trick ending that was also somewhat credible.” – Susan Hampton, editor and competition judge


HOW A 'QUIET GIRL' GREW TO LOVE DOOM METAL, SBS Voices, 2021 – an essay exploring how live doom metal music and one inspiring Asian-Australian bassist helps Claire release the demons she holds inside. Edited by Candice Chung. 

LOVE LETTER, Text Publishing, 2016 – this prize-winning love letter is a tiny memoir of love, devotion and travel around the globe.

RADNA, Rip Publishing, 2014 – an essay about Claire’s late father, the food he made, and one particular dish full of potent memories.

NEWSROOM: A SURVIVOR'S GUIDE, The Emerging Writer anthology, 2013 – this essay reflects on six and a half years in an old-school newsroom.

THE DEEP FREEZE, Voiceworks, 2005 – an interview with a man who wants to cryonically freeze himself so he can live forever.

THIS (HALF) LIFE, The Australian, 2005 – an essay exploring Claire’s sense of identity as a Chinese-Thai Australian and what it feels like to grow up with a sense of otherness, despite being Australian-born. Republished in 2019 in Insight Publications’ Year 12 English: Western Australia with an academic analysis of its themes.

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