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5 Creative Questions with… Stavroula Adameitis (FRIDA LAS VEGAS)

It says something about Stavroula Adameitis that, at an event as attention-grabbing as Barbie's milestone birthday party, my eyes snapped to her and her friend as though magnetically fastened there. Picture this - the event space gussied up in '80s bright hues, everything cuter and more kitsch than Paris Hilton's dog's pyjamas. And there's Stavroula - Stav, as she signs off - with a pal who turned out to be Katherine Sabbath the cake queen. They're both outfitted in what I now know are called Glamour Sacks and look exactly like they have leapt fully formed out of Mattel's cardboard boxes. Or maybe there's an all-Aussie remake of Life-Size going on. And they are both total dolls - they readily agree to take pictures of me and my colleague, Rosie, who have decided to tote around a life-sized cutout of Ken; we were bringing Kenergy before Kenergy was a thing.

Stav - who designs under the alias Frida Las Vegas with the kind of zest and zing and more-is-more sensibility of Fran Fine - cheerfully celebrates Australiana and suburbia. Like the mighty bin chicken, now known to audiences internationally thanks to Bluey; pick-'n'-mix lollies; and The Ferals of childhood TV. Colours are bright enough to make you feel like a cartoon character who has been bopped over the head and styles fizz with joy and fun like the designer herself.

Stavroula Adameitis, the artist and designer behind the Frida Las Vegas label. Image: supplied

Stavroula Adameitis a.k.a Frida Las Vegas is the 28th in my series of creatives to take five questions.

When my creative process is stuck, I reach for… the frying pan. Cooking is the way I switch my brain off and stomach on. I love the challenge of making a tasty meal from a few ratty ingredients and making it work...sure beats staring at an empty screen or blank page for hours!

The weirdest thing about being a creative human is… banging antennas with other humans.

The most unusual object in my house is… a pair of taxidermy peacocks. They sit on their own pedestal with turned heads that look lovingly at each other.

I celebrate my achievements by… allowing myself plenty of time to fluff around in chemists and peruse every single item of cosmetics.

Something in the world that already exists that I wish I had created is… seafood sticks.

Find FRIDA LAS VEGAS fashion and accessories - including a new range of knitwear - at FRIDA LAS VEGAS. Follow FRIDA LAS VEGAS on Instagram.

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